This is a tiny little web app that provides a JSON API for grabbing bible verses and passages.

This service is provided by Tim Morgan. You can get the source code for this app and the open data for its database at


You can get pretty crazy with book names and with verse ranges using commas and hyphens. It mostly just works. (Though, if it doesn't, you can submit an issue and let us know!)


single verse 3:16
abbreviated book name 3:16
verse range
multiple ranges 12:1-2,5-7,9,13:1-9&10
different translation 3:16?translation=kjv
verse numbers 3:16?verse_numbers=true
random verse


Language Name Identifier
Cherokee Cherokee New Testament cherokee
English Bible in Basic English bbe
English King James Version kjv
English World English Bible web (default)
English (UK) Open English Bible, Commonwealth Edition oeb-cw
English (UK) World English Bible, British Edition webbe
English (US) Open English Bible, US Edition oeb-us
Latin Clementine Latin Vulgate clementine
Portuguese João Ferreira de Almeida almeida
Romanian Protestant Romanian Corrected Cornilescu Version rccv

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Terms of Use

This service is free for anyone to use as long as you don't abuse my server. I reserve the right to block any IP that hits this service too frequently and degrades the service for others. I make no guarantees about this service's availability, quality, or correctness.

If you need more reliable service, remember you can grab the code and data for this site here and host it yourself!